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Attribute Based Encryption for health care data

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  • The main objective of this project is to develop Enhanced attribute-based encryption in centralized cloud access control.
  • Implementing attribute-based Dual key encryption for the 32-bit alphanumeric key.
  • Actors can be created by the admin. Admin can provide data access control to the users.
  • Key updating will be done in a cyclic process.
  • RFC Algorithm for encryption & decryption.
  • Implementing this technology in a hospital domain for best suits.

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Abstract: Attribute-Based Encryption for health care data

A personal health record is simply a collection of information about the patient’s health. If the patients have a shot record or a box of medical papers, they already have a basic personal health record. And they have probably encountered the big drawback of paper records. The hospital may rarely have their details with them. Electronic personal health record systems remedy that problem by making patient’s personal health records accessible to you anytime via a web-enabled device, such as your computer, phone or tablet. Personal health records are not the same as electronic health records or electronic medical records, which are owned and operated by doctors’ offices, hospitals or health insurance plans. There are a growing number of doctor’s offices using these systems, but those that do often limit your access to and control of your medical record.

So that we proposing a secured and scalable third party storage methods using attributes based encryption for personal health records. This web-based storage system developed using web-based applications. Using a third-party storage system the tremendous number of data can be stored. And can be accessed easily using query distribution methods. The below-given details will be clustered and can able to update in the third party storage through the web.

  • Primary care(Treatment history) doctors name and phone number
  • Allergies, including drug allergies
  • medications, including dosages
  • Chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure
  • Major surgeries, with dates
  • The living will or advance directives

In order to implement attribute base encryption, data from the front end will be stored in the back end as a symbol-based format. Even thou this method will not support data in various criteria. Here we are implementing a dual system encryption method.

The dual system encryption method is an advanced encryption method that will work on both front end and back end. So that data will be much secured. This is because, in the case of any celebrities, Politicians or any public personality may undergo any crucial treatments, at that time the treatment data should not be getting leaked. This became a prestigious issue for that public personality. So that in this method provides dual system encryption. This is an advanced encryption method that encrypts the data into symbols while storing it in the database. So that even low levels of working in the hospital or the organization will not able to find out the treatment history for any patients.

In added to the case of implementing the data architecture in cloud architecture, all the data will be getting centralized. So that the patients can continue their treatment anywhere at any time. This helps the patient to maintain their PHR and can able to get quality treatment. Here search complexity is increased due to higher data storage. So that patients can be searched with any criteria like their figure print, Iris, Patient name, Father Name, DOB, last treatment place and etc.

Here the third part actor will be the insurance company so that the centralized data can be accessed by the subscribed insurance company server. This method will not produce any fake data for the insurance claim. By using this method insurance can be properly utilized by the patients after their treatments. The insurance company can look over the treatment location, treatment type, nature of the treatment, bill generated for the treatment and etc in order to provide the proper claim money for the patient.


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Visual Studio – 2012, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, JavaScript.

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